Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, best known in the hearts of the nation as THE SUPERVET, invites you to his life's dream

ONE LIVE – The Festival With A Heart

One Love, One Planet, One Medicine, ONE LIVE

ONE LIVE Festival is back for 2017, this year taking place in the heart of Guildford at Stoke Park on 8 July 2017.


In its third year, 2017 promises to be an even bigger and better event right at the heart of the Guildford community.

The festival supports Noel’s vision for a community of compassion where every person and every animal is our neighbour and where we genuinely care about each other.

Together, regardless of our colour, sexuality, religion, nationality or species, we create a currency of love for a better world. Noel has dedicated his entire life to moving medicine forward for animals and humans at the same time. ONE LIVE is the beating heart of this mission.

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