From my very early years listening to an old broken radio in a farmhouse in Ireland, I absolutely knew that it was easier to inject music into people’s veins than medicine. Music and medicine are my passions. I have dedicated my life to making medicine not just a currency for health but also for hope and love in the world – for all animals and for all humans – One Medicine.

We live in a time of social and political uncertainty, where war and sadness abounds like never before, where disrespect for life threatens the very essence of being human. I want ONE LIVE to be a festival where we celebrate our commonality every year, like Live Aid was in 1985 – to make a statement about why we are human at all. I am so excited to have Bob Geldof with us this year because he shared this love and common sense of purpose with the world more than 30 years ago and now we bring it to Guildford.

ONE LIVE really is ‘The Festival with a Heart’. I will strive every year to build a community for compassion where we do actually care about each other, care about our planet and all of the animals on it, and where we do want to look after each other in the face of all of the separation and intolerance in the wider world. “Pets, Hugs and Rock and Roll” is a rally cry to inject the magic of music into medicine for the world that will shine as a beacon of light even when times seem dark. Each and every person in the field last year felt part of something special, part of something that could actually change the world – because if enough worthy people dream a worthy dream – I genuinely believe that will come true.

We will shape our own future by celebrating just how much we care about being a neighbour to each other and all of the animals too in Guildford town this Summer. If you love your children or your dog or your cat and you would like to make a better world for all humans and animals to inherit, please come and stand by my side. I promise that you will not leave this field in Surrey without knowing for absolute sure that each and every one of us can make a difference – and can have a really fantastic time doing so, side-by-side with companions on this journey of love and in hope for a better world. One Love, One Planet, One Medicine, ONE LIVE.

Tickets are now available on the ONE LIVE Website