Yesterday I was deeply honoured to receive the Blaine Award at the BSAVA congress in Birmingham and today I came back to my team who are all working hard at the practice.

The award is for “outstanding contributions to the advancement of small animal veterinary medicine or surgery”

But this honour is not about me – I would achieve nothing without my wonderful team. This award is dedicated to them – now more than 240 talented, kind, magnificent human beings who care passionately about the animals entrusted to our care and the families who love them day in and day out, night in and night out.

Thank you so much for helping me to give these animals hope and love through advances in medicine and surgery that you have nurtured in your arms and in your hearts. I am nothing without you and I am nothing without the animals and those that love them as integral members of their families.

I salute my team, the beautiful animals to whom we dedicate our lives and the families that we are honoured to serve. This award is for all of you.

Thank you for giving my life meaning and for allowing me to dream of a better world where medical advance is achieved in animals and in humans at the same time. One Love. One Hope. One Medicine.