Specialist Small Animal Orthopaedic-Neuro Surgeon

In 2005 he opened Fitzpatrick Referrals, the UK’s pre-eminent and largest dedicated small animal orthopaedic and neuro-surgical facility in Surrey, employing over 250 veterinary professionals and comprising superlative surgical, diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities.

Noel is the clinical chair and chief surgeon at Fitzpatrick Referrals. He is particularly experienced in minimally invasive arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery, spinal disc disease, limb deformities, joint replacement, regenerative medicine and limb salvage for severe trauma or cancer. He is widely appreciated for his innovative solutions to complex problems, whilst promoting and ensuring efficacy and ethicacy at all times. He has developed more than 30 new techniques including several world-firsts.

In 2009 he became the first veterinary surgeon in the world to successfully apply a cutting edge amputation prosthesis (called a PerFiTS) to a cat called Oscar who had lost both front paws in an accident. In 2015 Noel and Oscar each received a Guinness World Record for the achievement.

A further centre was developed at the Eashing referral practice called Fitzpatrick Institute for the Restoration of Skeletal Tissue (FIRST). The purpose of the facility is to provide a range of validated evidence-based options for the treatment of complex conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes marrying new advances in biomaterials with the revolution of regenerative medicine.

Academic Research

Noel is an Associate Professor at the University Of Florida School Of Veterinary Medicine. He is one of the founding partners of the Veterinary School at The University of Surrey of which he is also a Professor of Orthopaedics. He has received a Doctorate from The University of Surrey for his contribution to medical science and an honorary degree

Noel has shown an unprecedented commitment to academic research from private veterinary practice, having been an author on dozens of peer-reviewed papers in the past ten years. His research has been diverse. He has established evidence for surgical techniques and implants as well as elucidation of disease epidemiology. These include the publication of a treatment algorithm for addressing elbow dysplasia and reporting the outcomes and complication rates in a series of over 1000 consecutive tibial plateau levelling osteotomies.

Television and Media

Noel and his team have been the subjects of a number of TV documentaries which have been broadcast internationally. In 2010 BBC commissioned the six episode Bionic Vet, showcasing some of the remarkable science of Noels procedures. In 2014 Channel 4 started airing The Supervet which has run for 17 successful series, and has the highest audience appreciation figures of any show on the channel. The programme explores the importance of the human-animal bond in society and our moral responsibility for animals in the context of advanced medical and surgical care.

Noel has been a guest on Channel 4’s Crufts coverage to share his experience and ethos for responsible animal guardianship.

In 2017 and 2019 he appeared alongside Steve Jones and Kate Quilton on Animal Rescue Live, the Channel 4 show that ran live over 5 consecutive days. The show set out to rehome as many rescue animal residents as possible, as well as raise awareness for nationwide animal adoption and promote responsible animal care.

Public Speaking

He has delivered more than 700 lectures around the globe for more than a decade, including as a keynote speaker at both human and veterinary congresses. Noel is regularly invited to speak and inspire audiences from within the veterinary and medical industry and beyond, including students, the British Army, Art and Literature followers, City financiers and opinion formers.

In 2018 Noel embarked on his first nationwide arena tour, the first veterinary surgeon to do so. The tour shared an insight into Noels personal journey from his early years in Ireland through to today where the future of medicine is full of incredible potential. The 22 date event was designed to be a deeply immersive experience and enabled Noel to inspire and move the audience as he illustrated some of his remarkable techniques and his unique ethos.

Noel is a founding partner and Professor of The University of Surrey Veterinary School, which was formally opened in October 2015 by Her Majesty The Queen.

Noel is also the founder of The VET Festival, a unique two day Conference for Companion Animal Veterinary practitioners offering Veterinary Education for Tomorrow in an inspiring, festival setting among globally respected speakers delivering world class CPD.

One Medicine

Noel has been instrumental in bringing the concept of One Medicine to the fore in the UK, establishing a platform for the cross-pollination of expertise and ideas between veterinary and human medicine. One Medicine is at the heart of Noel’s mission and the cornerstone of Humanimal Trust, the charity he has founded to promote this cause. This landmark charity aims to raise awareness and create a collaborative forum as well as fund research and training programs that will facilitate proactive collaboration between vets, human doctors, bioengineers and scientists of all kinds for the benefit of all living creatures.


This company of which Noel is a Director, has been created to conceive, design, develop, manufacture, test and implement new implants for the alleviation of pain and suffering in animals. The Implants are custom made by a group of dedicated researchers and bio-engineers for specific patients in need of a solution that doesn’t exist elsewhere. A number of Fitzbionics technologies have featured not just in respected veterinary journals but also in broadcast media across the world.


In 2015 Noel founded the VET Festival (Veterinary Education for Tomorrow), a two-day outdoor conference for companion animal veterinary practitioners. This unique event brought together world-leading speakers in a multitude of disciplines to deliver exceptional CPD (continued professional development) to the industry in a relaxed, vibrant, inspiring outdoor setting. The event had well-being at the core, focussing on themes of wellness for the individual as well as the animals.

Awards and Accolades

Noel has won several awards including the BSAVA Mark S Bloomberg, Simon and Blaine Awards for teaching and for contribution to veterinary surgery. He is recognised in the Guinness Book of Records for his achievements and in 2016 he had the honour of being invited to Buckingham Palace to discuss his work with Her Majesty The Queen.

In 2018 Noel published his first memoir, the No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller Listening to the Animals which explores Noel’s story about becoming the Supervet.

Noel went on to publish a second memoir in 2020 How Animals Saved my Life which shares the story of what it’s like to actually be the Supervet. This also went on to be a No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller.

Associated Brands

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick spearheads and is involved in a number of initiatives, find out more below