I have always believed it is vital that human and animal medicine cooperates for the benefit of both.

Today at the International Osseointegration Conference, leaders in the human arena from around the world have gathered to share insight into the potential of osseointegration solutions for amputees. I am delighted to join them to share some of my experiences with my animal patients who are living a full and happy life with this technology.

I sincerely hope that we begin a meaningful dialogue regarding limb amputation prostheses where animals and humans that really need bionic limbs can get them by cooperating and sharing knowledge. My aspiration is that in my lifetime we will recognise that we move faster by working together, giving solutions to animals that really need them rather than giving disease to animals to test them just for human benefit. We’ve been doing this for the entire history of human medicine and I think society’s view on animal testing is changing. I strongly believe that animals give us so much in terms of love and companionship that we owe them a fair deal.

Today at the conference I met Vicky, who investigated a solution for her own limb amputation when she saw one of my patients who was benefiting from this technology for bionic limbs eight years after her accident. It’s so very important that we collaborate for the greater good of all animals and humans – because we really should look after each other and share not just medical technology but also respect for life and love on earth. It’s time for a revolution and that might just begin today.