In Sep 2015, Noel opened a new state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to Oncology and Soft Tissue in Guildford, Surrey raising the standard of treatment and care for animals everywhere.

World Class Small Animal Orthopaedic-Neuro Surgeon

Noel has conceived and developed a number of world-first veterinary initiatives, such as synthetic cartilage transplant, limb salvage prostheses, limb deformity correction, custom joints and spinal disc replacement.

In 2009 he became the first veterinary surgeon in the world to successfully apply a cutting edge amputation prosthesis (PerFiTS) to a cat named Oscar who had lost two feet in an accident. Noel has gone on to perform many more of these lifesaving procedures in dogs and cats from his practice, Fitzpatrick Referrals.

One Medicine

Noel has been instrumental in bringing the concept of One Medicine to the fore in the UK, a concept which is at the heart of Noel’s mission and the cornerstone of The Humanimal Trust, the charity he has founded and the first of its kind in the UK.

This landmark charity aims to establish a platform for the cross-pollination of expertise and ideas between veterinary and human medicine for the benefit of all living creatures.

The music festival ONE LIVE is an annual event in support of this charity which combines Noel’s passions for medicine and music.


In 2010, a BBC documentary entitled The Bionic Vet saw Noel develop new methods and techniques. In 2014, Channel 4 commissioned a new series with Noel and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals, The Supervet, which has now run for ten series.

Academic Research

Noel has shown an unprecedented commitment to academic research from private veterinary practice, having been an author on dozens of peer-reviewed papers in the past ten years. He has established evidence for surgical techniques and implants as well as elucidation of disease epidemiology.


Noel has delivered more than 600 lectures in the UK, Europe and around the globe for more than a decade, including being a keynote speaker at both human and veterinary congresses.

He has won many awards including the Mark S Bloomberg and Simon Awards for teaching and for contribution to veterinary surgery. He has sponsored and inspired more than forty fellowships, internships, residencies and PhDs in Europe and the USA, leading to landmark publications and embracing the marriage of high-volume high-quality clinical veterinary practice with evidence-based medicine and compassionate care, with the aim of giving all animal guardians access to all options for their animal friends. His most recent hub of co-operation is with The Ohio State University where two residents, a fellow and a PhD student, all sponsored by Fitzpatrick Referrals, are contributing to research on joint disease, limb prostheses and spinal implants.

Noel is a founding partner and Professor of The University of Surrey Veterinary School, which was formally opened in October 2015 by Her Majesty The Queen.

Noel is also the founder of The VET Festival, a unique two day Conference for Companion Animal Veterinary practitioners offering Veterinary Education for Tomorrow in an inspiring, festival setting among globally respected speakers delivering world class CPD.


Noel is the Director of Fitzbionics, a company created to conceive, design, develop, manufacture, test and implement new implants for the alleviation of pain and suffering in animals.

Implants are custom made by a group of dedicated researchers and bio-engineers for specific patients in desperate need of a solution that doesn’t exist elsewhere. A number of Fitzbionics technologies have featured not just in respected veterinary journals but also in broadcast media across the world.