Professor Noel Fitzpatrick delivered the Keynote Lecture at the MeDe Innovation Conference on Thursday 19th January 2017 with the talk entitled:

“One medicine for man and animal – working together toward a new era for custom implants and regenerative scaffolds”

The talk was to share his knowledge and advanced experience in veterainry medicine and share the ideal of the charity he founded, The Humanimal Trust

It’s a great honour to be asked to present the keynote speech here

My goal is to provide all of the options for treatment for my patients. We can’t do this without learning about all recent emerging technologies in the human field.
In fact most human medical advance requires an animal model before application in a diseased human
Innovative science is the essential engine for progress of all medicine – both animal and human.
The central purpose of my professional life is to converge human and animal medicine and surgery so that animals get a fair deal – they give so much to us as family members.

I feel that moving technological advance forward in humans and animals at the same time is the most rational route for all patients. That’s the concept of one medicine. Attending as keynote speaker for the MeDe meeting in Bradford is an important platform to explain the concept and benefit of a one medicine approach to world class researchers in biological and biomechanical engineering.

This promotes a more collaborative approach to clinical problems faced by humans and animals and aims to both minimise use of experimental animals and maximise the benefit of solving problems by working together.
The meeting also allows clinicians at the coal face like myself to interact face to face with the researchers that will shape the future of both animal and human medicine.
This kind of cross pollination of ideas and collaboration of purpose is essential for the most effective and ethically well founded application of the best new technologies for both man and animal affected by disease in my view.