Peace to all animals on planet Earth this Christmas

Every time I treat an unusual patient I feel closer to where I want to be, closer to nature. I feel very anchored to the natural world; it is one of the reasons I became a vet in the first place. I am driven by the moral responsibility we have for the planet we live on, and the animals we share it with. Helping to heal non-domesticated animals is among the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life. It is so good to give back – and that’s why one signs up for the vocation of vet medicine in the first place. One’s dream as a child is to help all the animals and make the world a better place in doing so.
Being able to meet young Wall-e was a true privilege for me and my team. We were all very excited each time he came to see us, because he really is a little wonder. It was a rare and special chance to translate what we do every hour of every day for our usual patients for a young and special penguin needing a chance to live a full and happy life. It was a chance to use state of the art 3D implant printing for the very first time in the world to our knowledge to help a penguin and to raise awareness that we need to safeguard the future of his and all vulnerable species.
I think this is ever more important in a world where we see man’s effect on his fellow man and on the resources of the Earth and the species on it. We have a collective moral responsibility and in some small way, that responsibility is echoed in our response to looking after one little penguin. To me it shows that humans and animals have more in common than that which sets us apart, for we are animals too. If we only focused our energies on that, the world might be a much better place to be. This little penguin could outlive me – he could live 30 years. That matters in a world where perhaps we can become distant from what really does matter.

I dream of a world where every man, woman, child and penguin looks out for one another. I know this is idealistic but I really do think, especially at Christmas, where peace to all men is a general refrain, how about peace to all penguins? Peace to all animals on Planet Earth this Christmas. If we truly care, then together we really can make a difference, together we really can bring peace and healing at Christmastime.