FORWARD 2017: the importance of integrity and transparency to ensure we always strive to do the right thing for our canine partners

Whether your canine friend is a working, agility, or service dog or a much-loved family pet, understanding how to take them to and keep them in top condition is vital to their performance, welfare and healthful span of life. Today the Fitzpatrick Referrals FORWARD Symposium has returned to help dedicated dog handlers, trainers and families to do just that with the support of world-class speakers, including Dr Chris Zink from the USA.  Huge thanks to everyone who has joined us today to help us unite in our collective desire to move the science and compassion of rehabilitation and training conditioning forward.

I can tell you from my own experience that every inch of your body is connected intrinsically, and a big theme for today is the holistic consideration of whole body dynamics and not just treating a symptom of injury in isolation. It’s about conditioning and training wisely and trying to prevent injury.

Further to this a significant theme of the day is integrity and transparency.

I strongly believe that it is the absolute right of the client to ask difficult questions – including what kind of scanner technology or surgery they are paying money for and especially in this new era of regenerative medicine, what kind of cell- or plasma-based product they are using. It should very much be about evidence, efficacy and ethics.

I vehemently believe that we owe it to all of the families that love their dog to spend their money and their time wisely and to be abundantly transparent what, how and when we intervene and importantly to work as a team with regenerative medicine, conventional medicine, surgery and rehabilitation to always do the right thing for our canine partners.

They give us so much as companions and friends, it’s only right and proper that we do our absolute best for them.