Orion will publish the highly anticipated follow-up to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s breakout No.1 Sunday Times bestseller Listening to the Animals. The second book, entitled How Animals Saved My Life, will publish in hardback, ebook and audio on 1st October 2020.

In How Animals Saved My Life Professor Noel Fitzpatrick explores what it’s like to actually be the Supervet, as he marks 30 years since he graduated as a veterinary surgeon. The journey to that point has seen Noel treat thousands of animals – many of whom were thought to be beyond help – animals that have changed his life, and the lives of those around them, for the better. We will meet Peanut, the world’s first cat with two front bionic limbs; Murphy, the adorable golden retriever puppy who suffered a terrible accident, and Brody the Terminator dog with a metal endoskeleton – and of course his beloved companions Ricochet the Maine Coon and Keira the scruffy Border Terrier who is always by his side. Honest and deeply personal, this moving memoir is about how animals have saved Noel’s life – and can yours too.

Noel’s first book, Listening to the Animals, was a huge No. 1 Sunday Times and Irish No.1 Bestseller with over 400k copies now sold across all formats. It was the second bestselling memoir of autumn 2018 behind Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

I was blown away by the response to my first book, so I’m delighted and privileged to be picking up the pen again to share more stories from my life as the Supervet. The animals that I’ve been fortunate enough to befriend during my 30 years as a veterinary surgeon have taught me invaluable lessons of integrity, compassion, hope and love. I sincerely believe that these lessons will also bring comfort to and inspire all of us as we emerge from this challenging time of isolation and anxiety during the global pandemic – when animal friends are more important than ever, bringing us together and sharing with us the light of unconditional love that makes us the very best that we can be.

How Animals Saved My Life: Becoming the Supervet will be published by Trapeze in hardback, ebook and audio on 1st October 2020

Available to pre-order at Waterstones and Eason