Hello everyone,

Well now – 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, wasn’t it. Of course it would be nice to look on the bright side and wrap it up with a tidy bow of lessons we have learned together over the last 12 months and just move on. But real life is full of frayed ends and discontinued sentences – we don’t live in straight lines, and we can’t cut the cord of 2020 even if we wanted to. We’re all still living through it and it’s forever a part of us – our individual and collective story – and so – together with our extended families, including our animal family, we make the best of it together and look toward a brighter 2021.

Let’s not remember 2020 as the year we ‘lost’, but rather the year we ‘gained’ a boundless capacity to love and to share. We have all missed loved ones we can’t get to see or we may in fact have lost forever – and we have realised how important it is to care about people we don’t even know because we are all in it together as one, side-by-side. Love is the only thing that transcends space and time. Especially important from my perspective, we recognised the profound bond of love which we share with our animal friends in our homes who help us through these challenging times – and we realise that we share one world with them too.

So as we close off on 2020, a year many of us would prefer to forget, let’s try to rejoice in the love of ‘oneness’ we have shared with the humans and animals we care about more than ever before – and let’s try to make 2021 the best year we can for all of us with that love in our hearts.

With Keira, Ricochet and Excalibur by my side, I’m making each and every day count and not taking a second of this magnificent oneness for granted – for as long as we all have together.

Happy New Year. Bring it on – 2021!